Target Accelerators Target Takeoff 2023 F&B Cohort

"On May 1, the Target Takeoff Food and Beverage program returns for the third year in a row with a new cohort of founders, each with incredible brands and innovative products." - Target Takeoff 2023


"Some of the most popular prepackaged snack cakes on the market are made with preservatives, fillers and other empty calories but Honeycut Kitchen is catering to health-focused consumers and fitness enthusiasts with its healthy snack cakes." - Trendhunter

"As a proud American (who also realizes we may do a lot wrong in this country...) I am excited to continue innovating on one of our favorite nostalgic snacks. I can't wait until Honeycut is not only as widely known as Little Debbie and Hostess - but also available at every location that our competitors are so that we can all have the option of a better choice of what we put in our bodies." - Jenny Heman, Founder @ Honeycut Kitchen



“Jenny Heman is the founder of Honeycut Kitchen, an upstart brand crafting nutritious snack cakes with a balanced macro profile. Focused on fitness enthusiasts and health-forward consumers, the company is offering a fresh take on the famous indulgent treat using natural and organic ingredients. While in its bootstrapping phase, Heman aims to build out the brand story and gain traction in the market before bringing on a strategic partner that can provide mentorship and help build out the team.” – NOSH


Gluten Free Follow Me


“They are delicious! I love how light they are.” – Jackie of Gluten Free Follow Me

Food Navigator


 “Honeycut Kitchen, an emerging brand out of Los Angeles, is giving fitness enthusiasts an alternative to the monotony of protein bars with a lineup of snack cakes reminiscent of America's best-selling brands, but with a cleaner ingredients deck and more nutritious profile.” – Food Navigator


Her Campus


“Dreams Really Do Come True: Healthy Snack Cakes Are Here” – Her Campus


Spoon University


“Recently finding a passion for bodybuilding and fitness, Jenny still loved sugary snacks but had a new commitment to nutrition and healthy eating. It was reflecting on this moment from her road trip, in combination with now being more nutritionally aware, that Jenny was inspired to create Honeycut Kitchen and the “health-ified snack cake.“ – Spoon NU



"I still hesitate to call myself a baker, actually 😅. I developed our snack cakes out of need, but baking is not a hobby of mine at all" - Jenny Heman, Founder @ Honeycut Kitchen