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  • Are your snack cakes gluten-free?
    Yes! We source gluten-free ingredients for our cakes (including gluten-free oat flour).
  • How long do your snack cakes stay fresh?
    Our cakes are best consumed immediately. If you arenโ€™t eating them right away, we advise freezing them once received, and when you're ready to eat them, pull them out of the freezer, bring to room temperature, and enjoy!
  •  Are your snack cakes safe for people with food allergies?
    Our cakes do include the common allergens of milk, eggs and nuts (including almonds, walnuts and coconut oil). However, we currently produce our cakes in a shared commercial kitchen space with shared equipment, so if you have any serious allergies whatsoever, we don't advise consuming our products.
  • What other flavors of cakes do / will you make?
    Weโ€™re always experimenting, but right now our carrot cake and chocolate cake flavors are our focus. Itching to tell us the next flavor you want? Shoot us a note (info@honeycutkitchen.com) or tag us on social @honeycutkitchen.
  • What is your return policy?
    Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns, but if your order arrived in anything less than perfect state, please send us an email or give us a call and weโ€™ll make it right.
  • Can I be a brand ambassador?
    Weโ€™re thrilled that youโ€™re interested in being an ambassador for us! Please send an email to info@honeycutkitchen.com with your social handles and a little bit about yourself.

If we missed something, contact us at info@honeycutkitchen.com