Tips on Developing a Positive Body Image

The topic of body positivity is at an interesting point in popular culture; social movements and harsh beauty standards are at constant odds with each other. Of course, a change in culture doesn’t happen in a vacuum and this clash between dominating narratives is a natural transitioning point.

Many of us experience a similar battle internally—how to reconcile wanting to conform to the standard of the tall, thin, and toned model with self-acceptance and love for how our bodies are as is. We wanted to share our top tips for developing a more positive body image: 

1. Chase after a feeling rather than an ideal

Rather than spending time scrutinizing which inch could be trimmed off what body part and at precisely what calorie deficit will get you there, it might be helpful to chase after feelings and experiences that your body likes. This might look like spending more time in nature with the feel of crisp air on your skin, or perhaps even taking time to unwind and enjoy the sensation of a warm bath relaxing the muscles. Shifting the focus from pursuing a certain image for your body to actively prioritizing sensations your body enjoys can help cultivate a healthier relationship with self-image and is a simple way to practice self-love.


2. Spend time off social media

To say that social media is ubiquitously harmful would be untrue—however, social media is oftentimes saturated with content that intentionally or unintentionally enforces an ideal of what a “beautiful” body should look like. Although this tip might be much easier said than done, we might not even realize that social media is affecting us negatively and taking time off social media to gauge our feelings in the absence of social media and reflect on whether or not its presence is beneficial in our lives should be a priority.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

    In the meantime, taking a break from social media might give you more headspace to actively make an effort to surround yourself with positive people. We often adopt the mindsets or attitudes of those we keep closest to us and those mindsets, if overly negative or toxic, can definitely influence the way we think about our bodies. Whether it be small changes like being a little bit less picky with our appearances or big changes like being inspired to shift our mindset towards a more optimistic and accepting one, positive people make non-negligible, beneficial differences in the way we view ourselves along with the way we carry ourselves.

    Here are some photos of friends (with the most positive attitudes!) helping with Honeycut sampling and events.



    4. Use positive self-talk or affirmation

      It might seem a bit inconsequential at first glance, but repeating positive affirmations such as “I am beautiful,” “I am worth it,” and “My body is amazing” reinforces and helps to internalize the message it contains. Although they may not feel true at the start, these positive statements will eventually become imbued into your subconscious mind; the “Fake it until you make it” idea holds true in this case. Don’t feel pressured to start off with statements that you aren’t comfortable repeating out loud either—the aforementioned statements may seem daunting and that’s perfectly fine because the great thing about positive affirmations is how personalized they are to each individual.

      At Honeycut, you’ll see all of our snack cake packages asserting the following. It’s a message that is core to our purpose, and a great positive (and directive!) affirmation if you’re in the market for one!

      “Your Body is Amazing. Treat it with Respect.”

      About the Author:

      Anna Wang

      Anna Wang is currently a college student attending Northwestern University. She moved to Chicago from California and loves exploring the city in her free time—or more realistically staying in her dorm and watching Criminal Minds with a cup of tea in hand. Anna tries her best to stay healthy by stocking up on fruits and occasionally boiling vegetables in her dorm... she is giving it her all! Find her on Instagram @annavwang or LinkedIn

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