Healthy Snack Options for Your Next Roadtrip

One of the hardest places to find healthy snacks is in a truck-stop off the highway in the middle of nowhere America... so we took to the closest thing we could find (a 7Eleven in downtown LA) to do a quick walk through and pick out some of the healthier options available. 

Why are gas stations notoriously challenging when it comes to sticking to healthy choices? For me, it is usually some combination of the following: 

  1. I've been cooped up in a car for a very long time, so I'm irritable and more likely to give in to cravings.
  2. I'm traveling so I'm all-out "vacation mode" and letting go of my usual schedule. 
  3. I wasn't prepared with snacks and/or enough snacks to go the full distance... and the options at a gas station are often better than the roadside fast food 
  4. It's one of the only times I am surrounded by all of these temptations! Usually I'll shop at a natural grocer, so I don't frequently encounter these candy, chip and soda brands.

Even when I try my best to mitigate these factors by stretching, taking breaks, packing healthy snacks, etc., I still find myself lured into the aisles at least once per roadtrip. Why? Because I'm also a big fan of the truck stop itself! 

A little background for your extra reading pleasure (skip to bottom to get straight to the healthy options!): I grew up in Missouri with a family that traveled via highway often, so naturally (🤪?), I've been a big fan since childhood. They are one of America's gold mines of comedy, IMO. When I get to a great one, you can find me perusing through the tchotchkes with names imprinted on them, googling over the howling wolf oversized t-shirts, gazing into the locked case of miniature glass-blown animal figurines, or being genuinely freaked out by the rows of rotating taquitos.

I found one of the best truck stops on a recent trip to Colorado. Here are some of my absolute favorite products they carried 😭:

Truck Stop Finds  Deviled and pickled Eggs

Here's a list of our favorite healthy snacks you can *usually find at a gas station or truck stop

1. Fresh or freshly cut fruit

Best for: everyone! 

2. Beef jerky

Best for: meat-eaters and those looking for high protein

3. Cheese sticks

Best for: vegetarians and those looking for high protein

4. Packaged nuts

Best for: everyone! If you can't control your portions well (I canNOT), then opt for the single-serve packs. Also, look for plain nut and/or seed mixes over trail mix options if you're watching your sugar or overall calorie intake.

5. Protein bars

Best for: Protein-lovers. My favorites for road trips are Quest bars due to their macro profile (low net carb and high protein) as well as their stability in heat. These bars aren't coated with a chocolate layer (except some of their limited flavors), so they hold up well. 

6. Kombucha

Best for: anyone looking for a healthier, low-sugar alternative to soda. (Sugar) crashing on the road, especially if you're in for a long drive, is definitely something I like to avoid, and the 'booch has your back! 


Watch our full Youtube video on healthy snack options for gas stations and truck stops below. Let us know if you have another favorite roadtrip snack or tips on how to stay healthy when you're traveling!  


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