👁️🎢🌈enTRIPeneurship🌈🎢👁️ series – managing it all w/ the help of my BFF, the beats 🎵

I decided to start an enTRIPeneurship series on the blog as a place to get a little creative and express and catalog some of the ups and downs of the trip of starting a business. I thought a perfect place to start would be with 🎵 music 🎵... aka one of my best buds and a true ride or die for helping me to manage this journey. 

At times, music is my grounding force and one of the only things that can pull me fully back into the present. With big headphones fully closed around my ears (I prefer seriously the biggest - see here), the music quite literally feels as though it is filling the space of my brain… the space where my mind chatter typically occupies. With the new, blasting tenant, the mind chatter goes into hiding, if only for a few minutes. I find this especially valuable for a break for my entrepreneurial mind, which is frequently occupied with anxieties of the future, paralyzed by decisions that need to be made, and juggling all aspects of the business on the daily.

Putting on a favorite track can also quickly divert my stress or shift my mood. The physical sensations that accompany a little motion to a song when I’m ~vibing~ reinforce positivity and bring me into a better, more relaxed or confident posture.

  • See Overthinker – a track that makes me laugh at myself for this “chatter in the skull” and spits wise words from one of my favorite philosophers, Alan Watts.
  • See Relax – a track that also makes me laugh at myself for forgetting how to take a deep breath. I actually breathe along with this track intro, and am always left in a good trance afterwards.

Often, I use music as a direct cue or to intentionally reinforce a position or thought process I want to focus on. When used this way, I let the lyrics serve as my positive affirmation – a psychological hack that has been growing its influence and academic respect in recent years. There are surprisingly a ton of tracks out there that feel personal-growth oriented to me, and I am not complaining.

  • See Find My Own Way – Man I love Griz & Wiz on this track. The positive vibes are unreal, and the church choir is the absolute cherry on top 🤣. The lyrics to this one are straight-up self-explanatory. When you’re looking to boost your confidence that you can do this and you’re on the right path – THIS is the one for you.

Sometimes I use tracks to psyche myself up. Here’s a few of my favorites:

  • See Send It – this is IT for sales calls. When I started sales calls, I would throw this track on with a rule that I had to get the sales email out before it ended, or if I was calling, I had to dial right as the song ended. No time to overthink it. FULL SEND on getting the product out there! 📬

as they say, another day, another dollar... 😬😤

  • See Everybody Wants to Be a Beast & Permanent. This first track is an old-school pump up with a motivational speech vibe; IMO best used when you want to be a little tougher on yourself and force yourself to do the hard shit. Permanent is a hilarious remix by Spag Heddy with some of the same speech incorporated into his “filthy, wonky and juicy tomato bass” bumps. God, I love the bass scene 😂
More embarrassing footage of me vibin' out while baking: 

Life in general is a trip – and the life of an entrepreneur is no different. I wanted to share one of my favorite tools to manage stress, optimize my day, stay motivated, and so much more – music – with a focus towards songs that others might be able to enjoy for similar benefits. I love a lot of wild stuff, but I wanted to keep this list focused on some of the tunes that are especially helpful for me w/r/t the entrepreneurial life. I hope you enjoy! 

The full playlist can be found here: Spotify enTRIPeneurship Playlist

With love and light,


 PS - I love new music reccos... if you have some favorite tracks, comment them below! 

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