9 Amazing Pinterest Recipes to Bake During Quarantine


Are you baking up a storm in quarantine? Looking for some inspiration after your tenth loaf of banana bread? Check out our list below of our top Pinterest picks to spice up your baked goods and get some fun practice in the kitchen baking! 

You can find all of the below recipes saved to our Pinterest Board for Quarantine Baking - here!

Iced Coffee Cake : for the skilled baker

This masterpiece requires a bit of extra skill, but it is sure a beauty! 

    Iced Coffee Cake

    Frosted Animal Cookie Cheesecake: for the kid in you that loves nonpareil sprinkles!

    No one actually wants to grow up, right?! This fun option uses one of our favorite childhood cookies - the frosted animal cookie! 

    Animal Cookie Cheesecake

    Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies : for the cookie fan / if you've never tried them... you MUST

      The ooey gooey butter cookie is HANDS DOWN one of the best inventions out of the midwest (technically, ooey gooey butter cake is what STL is known for, but these cookies definitely get the flavor and texture across!). This recipe is a MUST TRY.

       Ooey Gooey Butter Cookies

      Chocolate Cookies & Creme Cupcakes : for the cupcake or chocolate lover

      This one doesn't need much explanation - one of America's most beloved cookies paired with America's favorite flavor (chocolate), makes this recipe a family favorite for sure.

       Chocolate cookies and creme cupcakes

      Cookies & Milk Cake : for the talented baker that can't decide whether cookies or cake is their favorite dessert

      This gorgeous cake is a little bit more involved to create, but the outcome is absolutely worth it. The only thing better than milk and cookies is probably milk and cookies in cake form, no?

       Milk & Cookies Cake

      Strawberry Cake : for the baker who likes to bake from scratch!

      A traditional classic! 🍓

       Strawberry Cake

      Strawberry Cheesecake Bites : for the vegan baker

      Okay, might have been really excited about strawberries when making this Pinterest board! 🍓🍓

       strawberry cheesecake bites

      Pink Champagne Cupcakes : for the basic baker <3

      These little cupcakes are so adorable and perfect for those looking to portion control their baking while stuck at home. These would be perfect for a girl's night in or a bachelorette party as well! 

       Pink champagne cupcakes

      Strawberry Brownies : for the fruit lover

      Wasn't kidding about the strawberry fascination! 🍓🍓🍓

      Strawberry Brownies

      Let us know in the comments if you're doing any baking during this quarantine and if you try any of these out! 

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